Reported Cases

Some examples of reported cases that Phil and his staff have had the privilege to handle are:

  • Murray v. Holiday Rambler, Inc. , 83 Wis 2d 406, 265 NW 2d 513 (1991)
  • Soderlund v Alton , 160 Wis 2d 825 , 467 NW 2d 144 (1978)
  • State of Wisconsin v. Richard A. Hirsch , 140 Wis 2d 468; 410 NW 2d 638 (1987)
  • Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity House Corp v. City of Menomonie , 93 Wis 2d 392, 288 NW 2d 85 (1980)
  • Gianoli v. Pfleiderer , 209 Wis 2d 809, 563 NW 2d 562 (1997)
  • State of Wisconsin v. Robert P. Wurtz , 141 Wis 2d 795, 416 NW 2d 623 (1987)
  • Arlene Thiery v Bye, Goff & Rohde, 228 Wis 2d 231, 597 NW 2d 449 (App 1999)
  • Bammert v. Don’s Super Value, 254 Wis 2d 347, 646 NW 2d 365 (2002)
  • Bauer v. Piper Industries, Inc., 154 Wis 2d 758, 454 NW 2d 28 (1990)
  • SJAJ v. First Things First, 247 Wis 2d 1029, 635 NW 2d 292 (2001)

Some examples of negligence cases handled by Phil include:

  • $409,343 settlement for woman pedestrian struck by truck while crossing street in crosswalk/recovery from negligent driver and from client’s underinsured motorist coverage
  • $581,500 jury verdict for 46 year old man gravely injured by negligent general surgeon resulting in reconstruction of urethra, nine total surgeries, complete erectile dysfunction and surgical insertion of inflatable penile prosthesis
  • Confidential settlement for wife and children of 47 year old elementary school teacher who died because of ER doctor’s failure to diagnose and treat pulmonary embolism
  • $100,000 verdict for woman criminally convicted because of lawyers bad advice
  • $300,000 verdict for soft tissue injuries resulting from rear-end collision at stop sign
  • $595,000 settlement for cab driver whose vehicle was T-boned by foreign national driving a rental vehicle
  • $200,000 settlement for adult children of man whose prostate cancer was not timely diagnosed
  • $200,000 for obstetrical negligence resulting in still birth
  • $430,000 for truck driver seriously injured in interstate automobile accident
  • $2.9 million verdict for medical malpractice – failure to properly diagnose and treat prostate cancer
  • $495,000 verdict in medical malpractice case – negligence in the performance of a laparoscopic gall bladder surgery
  • $200,000 settlement for medical malpractice by neurosurgeon for performing unnecessary surgery resulting in permanent nerve damage
  • $250,000 verdict and judgment arising from a psychologist’s sexual exploitation of counseling patient
  • $895,000 settlement for obstetrical negligence resulting in cerebral palsy
  • $200,000 punitive damage award for intentional infliction of emotional distress in dispute with neighbor
  • Six figure verdict for farmer who lost right foot in defective corn chopper

Some examples of criminal defense cases handled by Phil include:

  • Not guilty verdict for young man charged with 2nd degree sexual assault of his teenage girlfriend
  • Not guilty verdict for wife charged with 1st degree murder of husband
  • Not guilty verdict for college professor charged with sexual assault of teenage girl
  • 1st degree forceable sexual assault reduced to simple battery
  • 1st degree sexual assault of unconscious victim reduced to simple battery
  • Not guilty verdict for motorcycle driver charged with causing injury to seven year old child while operating cycle under influence of intoxicants
  • Complete dismissal of embezzlement charges against County official
  • Homicide conviction against husband resulting in short prison term
  • Not guilty verdict for young man charged with sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl
  • Not guilty verdict for school board member charged with battery and disorderly conduct of football coach
  • Multiple successful defenses of 1st and subsequent DWI charges
  • Complete acquittal for driver accused of fatal pedestrian accident, who faced three charges of vehicular homicide with a blood alcohol content of .119

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